Monday, 21 October 2013

Council Approval Received

Hi again!

We received the awesome news at the end of last week to tell us we have received Council Approval.

How exciting!

We have received all the documents to go back to the bank for final approval and letter to commence construction, Wisdom have already submitted the application for a Construction Certificate.

We have been signing off all the variations (including ones we don't want) and basically getting all the paperwork in order, so that Wisdom can send our file up for the Pre-tender and Construction Plans.

Today we paid the Section 94 Contributions to council, as we need to provide a receipt in order to receive our Construction Certificate so that's out of the way now too.

All systems a go-go-go-go-go!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Our First Fixture Purchase

My partner and I have been looking around for some feature lighting for our home, and we have fallen in love with the Grandelier's designed by "Who Did That" using Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood.

We love wood and anything natural and organic, and Mr Milburn purchased the first on our list!

The seed595 in Tasmanian Oak will some day be lighting up our staircase.

seed595 by Who Did That

Next on the wishlist will be for our dining room.

Thank you Mr Milburn I loves you so muchly!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Council Update [Week 3]

Variations to our plan have come back today, however they now need the Landscaping Plan to be re done to match. Our CSO said they should have this done and submitted back to council by the end of the week.

I had our CSO forward me the new plan to have a look at what had been changed, one minor and one major change I saw. And it looks like the porch is staying the same which is a relief!

Upper lounge window had to be made smaller and higher for privacy of our neighbours. It has changed from 1020 x 2629mm to a skinnier window, like the bedrooms, that is 590 x 2629 mm. I highlighted in the pictures.

Picture 1: Original 1020x2629mm

Picture 2: New Window sized 590x2629mm 
The major change for us though, is the landscaping. Previously I showed you a copy of our original landscaping plan, where retaining walls were required only on the sides of the house, and none at the back of the house. However, they've now added retaining walls to go all the way around the sides and back! It's crazy, and I would like to get more information about why council has said that we need this, and why Wisdom Landscapes did not tell us this when we did our plan with them. 
Picture 3: New siting with retaining walls
I've also noticed that they have now put "Retaining wall 450mm from boundary" - I'm guessing this was a council requirement but I'm not sure why that's required. Looks like our sides and back just shrank though.

Fun times.