Saturday, 29 March 2014

Furniture Lust

It has been no secret that my interior inspirations have been the french provincial, farmhouse and hamptons styles. I love neutral tones such as white and grey, and I love having wooden features around the home. Any piece of furniture that has a white distressed base with a wooden/oak top kills me! And I love linen upholstered furnishings they are so beautiful!

I also love industrial style lighting, which gets a little confused with our furniture choices - but I like what I like, and I'll try to make it work!

We've made a few purchases over the past couple of months for those big furniture items we'll be needing as soon as we are allowed to move into the house.

I have no idea how they will look in the house - I often wonder if our house may be too 'modern' for our furnishings, but I don't care because I'm in love with what we've got! I just can't wait to use them!

I think now we'll wait until we move in for any more big purchases, we'll have to deal with buying all new appliances too!! (I'm dying for a french library with a ladder, Mr Milburn is dying for a partner's desk with a leather top and a banker's lamp!)

Oh and when I say "i", I mean "we"... 


Two linen/cotton blend sofas 

Mongolian Lamb cushions (smallest size, in 'Amythest')

Crossback antique white cafe style chairs

Sweetest oak top table - extendable to huge!

Linen tufted coffee table

Linen tufted bed

Industrial style lamp with rose gold accents for bedside tables (such a good find this one)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Raise The Roof!

Despite the horribly wet weather this week, and especially today, we've managed to get most of our roof up already.

It's crazy seeing the tiles go on, we love them I love the smooth flat profile of them and the colour looks great. It looks funny at the moment as we matched the fascia to our eaves which aren't up or painted yet. 

Next week should see the top floor roof completed, eaves installed and painted, downpipes installed, first floor brick clean and disassembling of the top level of scaffolding. Can't wait to see what the bricks will look like after their bath!

Enjoy the pics


Bristile Prestige Range - Tungsten

Mr Milburn getting a closer look

What the roof looks like inside at the moment

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bricking Complete, Roof Tiling Begins

Last Friday we received an email from Wisdom Accounts with the invoice for Stage 4 - Bricking completed. We had a look yesterday when we got back, it doesn't look complete but we really don't know, and the FC Sheeting on part of the back of the house hasn't been installed, but I've been told that's not part of Stage 4.

Anyway, we were surprised that they hadn't started on the gutters and fascias until today - must have been some wet weather in Sydney whilst we were away!

I've got pictures from yesterday of the completed brickwork, roof tile delivery and the start of the guttering below.

They also fixed those weep holes above the garage. 

Everything seemed to be going up so fast, but now it's almost like its all slowing down again!


Gutters, fascia and roof tiles delivered

Completed brickwork of rear and fireplace

Main bedroom with feature wall in front of wardrobe

Second bedroom - No more missing windows yay

Second bedroom - completed bricking

Third bedroom - completed bricking (fourth bedroom as FC sheeting not yet completed)

Looking down into the leisure

And then the top floor gutter and fascia installation that began today on the first floor..

It's hard to distinguish between the scaffolding and gutter/fascia but if you squint...

Home Sweet Home

We've just gotten back today from a beautiful holiday in Thailand. We visited Phuket and Koh Samui, which was so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. We stayed at the Intercon in Samui and it was pure heaven and indulgence! Would completely recommend it to anybody wanting to go there. We never left the resort. Sunsets and service both amazing.

Phuket was a bit more full on with lots of travelling around to get to places. Mainly shopping in Patong, the night markets in Phuket Town. We went on a full day tour to the Simalan Islands for some white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and snorkelling.

So many pics, but posted a few of my favourites below. 

Now it's back to work and checking up on the Chateau! We really missed the house whilst we were away, we also have the next bill waiting for us which means bricks should be completed. 


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bricks and a Break

On Friday morning (yesterday) we met our site supervisor, Scott for the first time and he took us on a walk thru of the house. He was great, very personable and happy to give us a tour of our soon to be home. He seemed pretty relaxed, and is quite positive that handover is not too far from reach now, and we're really going through the slow phase at the moment!

So I took a few more photos of what has happened - they've finally completed the entire ground floor for bricking, and the rest of the fireplace has gone up too. We've also got that final window installed - Scott said that they had delivered one with the wrong window sill width. They've started a bit on the first floor too.

I also noticed some pretty fluro purple spray paint in the kitchen - Timpelle have been out to do an inspection and final measure for the kitchen and left some notes on the floor!

The Milburns are off to take a break for a week and a half HOLIDDDDAYYYYY!!! So when we get back we will have full bricks, fascia, guttering and eaves by the time we get back. He said he'd try to send us a picture of the house when the bricking has completed - which should be this Tuesday some time (first floor is easiest and fastest). Shame we will miss it, but we are in dire need of a getaway right about now!

Enjoy the pics and I will update the blog when we're back...or maybe I'll post some holiday envy photos ;)


Piers now completed to the balcony

Competed up to first floor window - these weird weep hole placements are killing my life right now!

On the porch

Mr Milburn in the leisure with the fireplace built up (weep holes done well here!)

Blind side (I hate the metal poles for the neighbours fence can be seen from our side)

Northern side


The bottom window sill will be removed to slot the stone bench underneath