Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cabinets, Internal Doors, Architraves, Skirting Completed and Landscaping Meeting

This week saw a little bit of progress with the rest of the cabinets in bathrooms and laundry being installed including all the handles.

Our internal doors were installed this week, no door furniture though. Our smart robe doors have not been touched yet though. Architraves and skirting boards were also installed this week.

We had our onsite meeting with Wisdom Landscapes on Friday, and I think we left there spending more money than we originally thought. We decided we wanted to put a pattern on our driveway now, so we've changed to a Brick Header and the Large Tile at a 45deg angle. We're sticking with the colour bluestone as it goes well with our chosen external tiles.

Also, with our letterbox we had a specifically designed one to comply with the Estate Guidelines, it needs to be rendered yet the price of painting it wasn't included in the original quote - isn't that crazy. We also decided to add our side gates as well, plus temporary wooden stairs for outside the laundry door as we want to level out the ground later when we do the retaining walls.

The meeting went really well, our contact really knew what he was talking about and I got to change a few curves for the driveway - he also said he'll let us know when the formwork is being done and we can bring some rope and outline the driveway ourselves later to make sure we're happy :)

So bombshell - our SS called on Friday as is being moved to a different area - we're almost finished and we've been given a new site supervisor. Fun times.

Well this is the schedule he's given us for the coming weeks:

  • Wet areas to be tiled from Monday
  • First coat of paint everywhere this week
  • Week after - fit offs e.g. taps, electrical
  • Week after - main floor tiling
  • Week after - second and third coats of paint

Bathroom tile delivery

Architraves and skirting boards installed

Looking through the kitchen window

Door handles installed

Skirting around nib wall

Skirting around fireplace looks nice

Flush internal door for understair storage

Powder room vanity

'Cloak room' interal doors - narrower than the normal doors

Skirting along step-up

In the office

Theatre room podium

Linen closet

In bedroom 2/3 with WIR door hung (R)

Main bathroom vanity

Bedroom 2 wardrobe doors

Balcony waterproofing

Ensuite cavity door installed

Ensuite double vanity

Ensuite W/C (above) and Powderoom (below) with external exhaust

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Waterproofing, Kitchen Cabinets, Shutters

This weekend was another exciting time on site. We had scheduled to meet on site for a check-measure for our Windows and make our shutter selections on Saturday, and when we went into the house I saw that our kitchen cabinets had already been installed. They look amazing I'm still in love with the colour. The pantry doors give it an extra something too, well worth the money to get them to match the cabinets I think!

I also saw that they've done the waterproofing in our wet areas, and I have a couple pictures of the vanity/laundry cabinets that are a darker chocolate brown. I really hope these match the tiles we've selected...that was a tough one to match.

So the gentleman that came to do our measure was on site an hour before our appointment, and had all his measurements done so all we had to do was make decisions on colours and do a walk through of what he would do for all our windows. It took about an hour, and I'm really excited about getting these. I have a picture of a sample shutter against our window too. 

No call from SS last week, hopefully he updates us on Monday. 

I'm looking forward to what this week shall bring, hopefully only more good things. 


Our kitchen!

Shutter sample on front window

Shutter samples..which white?!

More kitchen shots

Laundry/bathroom cabinetry (L) against kitchen (R)

Looks like it finally got 'blocked out'

Main bathroom (upstairs)

Ensuite shower (L) and W/C (R)

Ensuite double vanity

Friday, 23 May 2014

Beautiful Bricks

Visiting the Chateau this morning was so different to every other time we've visited in the past five months of the build. It is absolutely amazing how much difference a brick clean has made.

Our bricks look so beautiful. All those problems with the mortar and chipped bricks...not even thinking about that right now, the house looked amazing (well I think so) when we turned up and saw how nice the bricks was. It was lighter than what we've been seeing (and closer to what we originally thought we had chosen!) and it looked so crisp and, I don't know. I can't describe.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm so happy happy happy with our choice of brick and our colours - probably the first time I've said that!


Beautiful clean bricks

Le Chateau

Timpelle delivery!

Internal doors (that first one looks funny - thinner than the others)

Skirting boards waiting...

Our cabinetry!

Rear of the house

Northern side of house (blind side)

Front - side view

Porch steps and piers

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Locked and Loaded

After celebrating Mr Milburn's birthday at Momofuku Seiobo last night, we visited the Chateau.

We are officially locked up!

The front door, internal garage door and balcony doors all installed and locked. We couldn't get in through the laundry and alfresco doors either! So I don't think we'll be able to get any more photos for a while!

Bricks still have not been cleaned and treated which was supposed to happen last "Wednesday...or Thursday...or Friday, or Saturday...if not then Monday". Umm thanks for that SS, still not done.

Internal doors and wet area waterproofing to be done for the rest of this week.


Monday, 19 May 2014

Cornices and more deliveries

Well, Wisdom have a lot to get done today in order to lock up the place. The majority of the cornices have been installed, except the ensuite and some bedrooms upstairs are still to be done. The bricks still haven't been cleaned and treated, so that should hopefully be done today.

Friday we had a delivery of the doors and architraves! I wonder if they will install all that in one day?!

The most exciting part of the week would definitely be our new staircase! Yay no more climbing up that ladder (not that we ever did that...ahem)

Let's see if they make lockup today - it's Mr Milburn's birthday, so that would be a great gift!


Someone has done a little brick inspection, but I tell you there are a lot more bricks I will be marking that have chips on it when I get the opportunity!!!!

Cornices in the office

Above the cloak (L) and laundry (R)

Above the fireplace

Nib wall between kitchen/lounge doesn't quite meet the roof..

The gap between powder room and the electricals of the theatre room! This has since, as the spray paint suggests, been blocked up - phew

Different rounded cornice for garage (also in storage/wardrobe spaces)

Our staircase! Will be painted crisp white (gloss)

Internal door delivery