Friday, 27 June 2014

Wisdom Woes

So we got a call from our SS...who just called to tell us that he is no longer our SS and we'll get a call from our new one shortly...

Missed his call, called back before 5, and nothing back. 

Frustration central.

Oh - and we asked our "previous" SS about our brick issue who proceeded to tell us "oh that's because of your raked joins! Ahhh mate you know not every two bricks are the same.."
ps they're ironed not raked

I knew that's what the response would be.

Really. Not. Happy. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Main Floors Completed, Rainwater Tank Installed

This week saw the completion of the tiling for our main floors, balcony, and little bits in the bathroom e.g. above bath. above shower heads.

The rainwater tank was also installed earlier in the week which was a surprise.

A couple of times that we went past the house this week, we noticed the tradies had left most of our lights on! In the main areas, the pantry, and last night we went past and all our outdoor lighting was on! Really bizarre.

Anyway, we are really loving the tiles that we have chosen. Unfortunately none of the photos I took give them any justice, but they look great and I'm very happy with the colour and sizing that we have chosen.

We also noticed more painting happened inside the house this week, particularly architraves and stair rails getting more coats of paint. They also went around and patched up holes, etc in the gyprock and have sanded that back ready for it's next coat.

Looking forward to finding out what happens next week...

On another note, we've made the last bits of furniture purchases. And thanks to the awesome Ramon from Bing Lee Fairfield, we have ordered all our appliances, which I will add to the Miscellaneous Page if you want to take a look. So excited about everything we've purchased, just can't wait to start receiving and using them! 


Slimline rainwater tank in surfmist

Lights left on in the house when we went past


Under stairs storage

Balcony tiles

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Main Floor Tiling Begins

On Saturday afternoon we visited the house and there were tilers prepping and cutting up tiles for our main floors. We went back this morning to take a look at what they had been able to do. 

They've laid the majority of tiles and they look really nice. Although they have all the hard bits to go now, which will take a while because they'll have to cut all the tiles. Can't wait for them to complete it though and get the grout down so we can see the finished product. 

Not sure what is happening this week (I'm going to guess just main floor tiling will be completed), as our SS again did not contact us with our weekly update on Friday and has not arranged that elusive on site meeting we've been asking for. What to do..?


Thursday, 19 June 2014

External Lights

Just a quick post for an excuse to post a couple more pics.

Visiting last night, the main floor tiling has not started - no prep, things still all over the floor and there hasn't actually been a tile delivery either.


Let There Be Light!

How exciting, turning on our first light!

Our spa bath is well and truly installed, and the bath spout is so beautiful I love it and the photos don't do it justice. 

Alarm was installed today also, the sensors in the house are quite big and give off a red light. Might have to get used to that in the main bedroom at night. They put the sensors in the entry, main bedroom, laundry, living room.  

Rangehood was not installed looks like they were just measuring it up, exhaust fan in downstairs powder room still needs to be installed. 

I also saw they completed the downpipes around the house. Not sure if that happened yesterday or I just haven't been paying attention recently!

Footer lights in the stairwell and theatre are really nice, but a lot brighter than I expected!!! A little too bright for the tiny theatre room I think, so we'll see how that goes.

External up down lights really show the really bad brick work. That's going to be an interesting conversation with our SS...



Batons in entrance

Alarm panel

Bullnose plates for TV wiring

Theatre podium lights

Stairwell lights

Main bathtub

Alarm sensor for main bedroom balcony door

Our spa bath

Exterior lighting

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Painting, Plumbing and Electrical Fit Offs

Gotta give it to them - they know how to speed things up - we have had a lot of progress, possibly catching up, in the past couple of days!

We went by quickly this morning and could smell paint as we were walking up to the house!

On site we had two plumbers and three electricians very busy at work and so much has been done this week already. I think they are all in a rush to get things done before our main floor tiling begins tomorrow!

We probably won't have a chance to take any more pics for a while so this might be all I can give until next week (maybe some sneaky through the window pics over the weekend...)

Things completed this week:
- first coat of paint on all doors and walls, majority of the skirting
- x3 toilets installed
- x2 bathtubs delivered and being installed today
- faucets installed: kitchen, laundry, bathroom vanities
- x2 handheld shower and rail kits installed
- exhaust fan installed in upstairs W/C
- 3-in-1 fan/light/heater are being installed today in bathroom/ensuite/powder room
- batons installed everywhere
- power sockets and light switches being installed today
- rangehood delivered and will be installed today

Talk about progress! You can tell I'm a happy camper today. Wish I could get back home in time to see everything completed after work but it's always too dark by then!

Enjoy the pics


We have toilets!

The spa hanging out in the office

Reveals and skirting painted

Walls painted (Theatre)

Powder room - faucet, toile; exhaust ready to be installed today

Laundry tub and tap

Kitchen/Lounge view - see paint and light batons!

Kitchen mixer

Blanco rangehood delivered and ready to be installed today

Staircase painted white

Looking out toward the entrance - coffered ceilings painted

Mixers in ensuite

Shower hand rail and mixer in ensuite

Electrical fit offs ready for electrician to install

Hand rail and mixer in main bathroom

Mixer and vanity in main bathroom

Bathtub installed in main bathroom

3-in-1 installed in main bathroom

Main bathroom (shower to my right)

Baton in 2nd bedroom

Loving the white painted moulded doors around the house

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Airconditioning & Electrical Cutouts, Bits and Pieces

This week we had the wet area tiles grouting completed. The niches don't look so terrible now that there's white grout to make the lines less severe.

We had electrical points all cut out of the gyprock this week ready for fit offs this week. 

We got a call from the air conditioning company and were able to change our vents to the square ones, which we are so thankful for because we chose the round ones in the beginning but were having second thoughts about them since. 

We had little touch ups for gyprock including having the staircase and understairs storage gyprocked up, plus other parts around the house that weren't fully sealed by the initial gyprock install. 

This week we should finally be getting first coats of paint around the house. We are booked in for floor tiling to commence from the 19th (Thursday). 

Enjoy the pics