Thursday, 2 April 2015

Milburn Engagement

On the first weekend of moving into our new home, Mr Milburn proposed to me (so two days after we got our keys). He'd been waiting a looooong time to do it, after all the admin and delays during our build!

As I say, once you move in you forget it all and love the house. Plus it was onto planning an engagement party and a wedding - eek! Looks like landscaping will have to wait until next year...!

I know I owe a new house post, but I thought I'd post a few pictures up from our engagement. 

So here are some pictures courtesy of the awesome darsography from our day held at Biota Dining down in Bowral. Cakes and cookies by the amazing Patricia from Two Sweet Figs, Marrickville

From getting a house and turning it into a home, and now becoming a family...what a journey!


(Pretty sure someone was asking if we'd ever build!)