Thursday, 30 January 2014

Plumbed, Piered and Waffled

Our site saw plenty of progress this week, yay!! I've taken some terrible terrible pictures and posted them below.

So this week, the internal plumbing was completed, along with the piering/framing of our soon-to-be slab. 

As you can see in the pictures below, waffle pods and reo have arrived to prepare for said slab. 

SS went on site today and gave us a call this afternoon - we have a schedule for the coming weeks:

Next Wednesday (5th) is slab d-day

Wednesday week (12th) will see external drainage completed

The following Tuesday (18th) we will start to see the frame going up. 

Fingers crossed the weather holds out!!

On another note, we met one of our neighbours tonight as we were visiting site. She was very friendly!

Yay for another week down :)


Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Mr Milburn got the call from our new site supervisor, Scott, yesterday.

He said that he was nice, straight forward, and that he said it would be "a long job, but a good quality job"! Haha

One thing that has me worried, is that he apparently he has another 25 projects he's working on, which goes against the Wisdom 'Five Star Pledge' which states that their supervisors work a maximum 15 projects in order to give us the best service?

I am worried because that means he will be struggling to divide his time between all his projects (that's a visit of 5 sites per day, per 5 day week on average), not including all the enquiries he must get from each respective customer on a day-to-day basis.

To me, this means we can't rely on the SS to 'supervise' everything, and we will have to make regular trips in to make sure everything is being done properly. I won't start to stress yet but...

Anyway, he said he'll be on-site this Thursday and will contact us every Friday for a commentary on the week that was, and the plan for the week that will be. Looking forward to hearing from him on Friday so we know a little more about when our slab will be poured, and more generally the expected timeframes of our build!


Friday, 24 January 2014

Builders Signage

Went past the lot today, they've put up the builders signage to end the week. Should have the piering started next week - fingers crossed the weather clears up so our slab isn't delayed!

Happy Australia Day long weekend!


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All Cut Up

Tonight we visited our little piece of land, and again were surprised when we turned the corner into our street and saw that our site has been cut!

We haven't even had contact with our site supervisor yet, but we are seeing little bits of progress weekly. This bit of progress we think is pretty huge, though! Too bad we've missed all the action with the machines though it would have been nice to watch the first dig. 

What's next I wonder?!


RHS Site cut (sorry about the angle)

LHS driveway - Mr Milburn is knocking on our theoretical front door

A happy Mr Milburn

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fenced in

We made the weekly visit to our land to find that we now have a fence up - we have a secure portaloo now!

Guessing next week will be builders signage and hopefully we'll meet our SS and get more information on the timeline of our build.

Suspense is killing me. 


The construction fence

Mr Milburn jumpic!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Portaloo Happiness

Just like many other fellow bloggers, after months of paper work we were so excited about visiting our block of land today, only to find that happiness has been found in the form of a portaloo!

This is the first sign of life - the ball is rolling now, thank you Wisdom!


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sewer Peg-Out & Production Estimating

Thus far, it has been a Happy New Year for The Milburns!

We visited our block during the break and noticed that at some point in the past couple of months we had our sewer peg-out completed! That was a bit of a surprise. We also see that the house next door has now gone up and they're almost done. See pictures below.

This morning, we just got an email from Wisdom saying that our file is in Production Estimating and we have been allocated a Site Supervisor! They did say that there will be some delay because of shutdowns of trades people and other suppliers. However, once estimating is done, we'll meet our SS and find out more about when our site will be scheduled for benching, piering and slabbing :)

Exciting exciting times! Bring on 2014!


Picture 1: Sewer Peg-Out

Picture 2: Neighbours on both sides, and where did our grass go!