Monday, 21 April 2014

Wherefore Art Thou Roof?

And still no progress since my last post! Officially the slowest month - even looking at other blogs from slab poured to having roof tiles completed, it looks like our build is about a month behind - how did that happen?

So...this month has been extremely frustrating in terms of our build - and no clue as to why. All we have had done is the roof, which started last month and still hasn't been completed.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be having the eaves done and fireplace box put in, but they haven't even started the roof tiling for the lower floor yet - which is such a small surface area in comparison to the main roof. We've been waiting weeks to see it finish.

We are really not happy about the bricking either. We've been taking closer looks and it's very uneven, holes in the mortar, chipped bricks, inconsistent spacing - you name it, we've got it. And that dislodged roof tile - who knows when they will fix that. If we try to talk to our SS about it, he makes us feel almost like we have no idea what we are talking about. I'm waiting for our next onsite meeting to go through these issues in person and point out specific areas where these problems are.

So we've been updated with the following schedule, lets see how that goes:

28th Apr: Electrical rough-in, incl. speaker wiring

1st May: Gyprock installation ETA 10 days

16th: Stairs and fit out (?)

23rd: Kitchen fit out

Meanwhile, our SS left us some spray paint and we decided to mark out all the places we want our frame 'blocked' so that we can hang heavy objects such as TVs. We decided to do the fireplace (so we don't drill into the flue by accident!), leisure room, upper lounge and main bedroom. Now that was a fun exercise!


PS I think they've sent out all their tradesmen to work on their new display homes in Gregory Hill, that's why I we've seen absolutely nobody on site each time we've been there during the day over the past few weeks!

Cavity units for theatre and en-suite have arrived

Wherefore art thou roof?



Media alcove in upper lounge

Main bedroom

Monday, 14 April 2014

Upper eaves and downpipes painted

Last week we saw the upper eaves and downpipes have been painted.

The scaff for the first floor has come down, however that roof tile has not been fixed which is really annoying!!

They've started on the gutter and fascia of the ground floor also - you can see it above the garage in the photos.

There are more marks on the bricks, which our SS told us is the salt coming from the bricks (or mortar?) - it's called effervescence. He said he'll need the brick cleaners to do another clean, and put a treatment on it (some type of acid treatment) to stop it from happening. Fun!


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Upper Eaves and Downpipes

To end what has possibly been the slowest week, we finally have upper floor eaves and downpipes installed. 

They've also managed to do a clean of the upper floor bricks.

Some issues (pictures below): chipped roof tile, holes in mortar, and poor cleanup on bricks on some places.

This month is going to kill me. This is the current timeline our SS gave us on Friday:
Mon 7th - eaves painted
Wed 9th - upper scaff comes down
Fri 11th - lower gutter/fascia installed
Tue 22nd - lower eaves and fireplace installed

I honestly can't believe it is going to take a whole month to do all that! 

There's still mortar on bricks everywhere

Chipped roof tile (there's possibly more we can't see, and the displaced on we found last week still has not been fixed)

Gutter, fascia, eave 

Bad mortar job, or bad clean?

Holes in the mortar

Just looks like a mess right now!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Upper Roof Completed

Upper roof has now been completed, and the downpipes and eaves have been delivered onto site.

I feel like everything was going so fast, and now we're back to the slow stage of the build...I thought the roof and downpipes would already be done by the time we had come back from holiday.

They need to install eaves and downpipes, clean the first floor bricks, paint the eaves and downpipes and dismantle the top level of the scaffolding - I was hoping that would all be done by the end of the week, I'm not really sure why it's taking so long. After that, then they can start tiling the small sections of lower floor roof...


Downpipes and eaves delivery

A piece out of place

Gutters: Monument, Fascia: Paperbark

View out the back