Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lego Delivered

Internal plumbing has started in the house, and we had the delivery of bricks for the ground floor yesterday. 

The bricks are a lot lighter than what we remembered! I'm a little concerned, I'm hoping that they just need a good clean or maybe they will weather over time to get their honey look that I've seen. 

We couldn't find the Brown bricks for the pillars, so maybe (and hopefully) they'll come in the next delivery. They re-completed the site fencing so we can't get back in anymore either haha! Just in time for those bricks I guess. 

They're expecting rain for the rest of the week, so I don't think they will start bricking until next week.


P.S Still no sign of that missing upstairs window...

Lego building blocks


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Windows and a Walkthrough

Wisdom have finished off the week with frame completed and windows installed, albeit with one missing. Not sure what happened there - must be a mistake in their order because I couldn't see a broken or spare one on site anywhere.

Love the windows. They are absolutely huge and it's one thing that freaked me out - not having enough natural light!

Most of the windows go all the way to the floor. The bathroom windows are pretty big too, they have obscure glazing though so they won't let too much in. 

We took a little tour inside the house and got to go upstairs for the first time to check out our views. We got to go into our bedroom I have no idea how we're fitting a king bed in there - it doesn't seem like enough space because the wardrobe behind takes up quite a bit of room!

The size of the bath and our spa bath provisions look really big too so that's nice to see! Also I saw that they've put in the step up for the theatre room too. 

I took plenty of pics today :) I just can't stop myself. 


Spot the missing window

Front windows in office

Podium in theatre room

Window in ground floor powder room

Laundry door

Kitchen window splashback

Dining room window

Stacker door to alfresco

Living (L) and Dining (R)

Window in theatre room

My favourite - windows with fireplace provision in between

Staircase window

Views of Mr Milburn!

Main bathroom window and bath provision

The bedroom with a missing window!

Ensuite window with bath provision and W/C window on the left

Ceiling at the entrance of the house

Outside view - theatre/powder room (GF) and ensuite and w/c (FF)

Kitchen window/splashback

Friday, 21 February 2014

We've Been Framed!

Wisdom have definitely worked their magic this week! I really didn't believe our SS when he called last week to tell us we'd have our frame up by the end of the week!

That's some crazy fast work, even with the miserable weather we've had for most of this week.

Looks like the windows have already been delivered and will be installed very soon. 

Following are pictures I've taken over the past couple of days.


Wednesdays Progress

Thursday's Progress

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Vertical Integration

We have liftoff! We are finally seeing some vertical progress - completely surreal seeing the frame go up today. 

Stopped by quickly this morning and looked like creepy stalkers in the car watching them unload the ground floor frames!

It was such a great feeling coming back after work in the afternoon and walking around and getting a feel for the rooms. The slab looks tiny, but when the frame is up everything feels huge.

I hope you enjoy today's pictures :)

Can't wait to check out the progress tomorrow afternoon - stay tuned!


Started off like this in the morning...

Ground floor frames arriving

Some unloading action

...and it looked like this when we came back tonight!

Ground floor frame almost complete

Structural steel beams ready to be installed

Standing at the back of the house looking toward the front

Kitchen - space for the kitchen window splash back

Living area - where our fireplace is being fitted
Joists I think this was in the dining room


Blind side - garage at front

Our name all over the joint...heh

Looking into the house at Mr Milburn from the porch

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Not much happening whilst our slab is drying, however the external drainage has been completed. 

Looks like our neighbours are at lock up stage this week - we could see their driveway has been done and their site fence removed. Hence why we were able to get onto our block to get a closer look at our concrete!

Fingers crossed frame starts going up next Wednesday as planned. 

Some pics from today below. 


New Wisdom Homes signage

Porch (L), Office (F), Garage (B)


Air conditioning unit gets a little slab too


Bit chipped off the alfresco?

Blind side - kitchen

Can see the step-downs here