Saturday, 16 August 2014

Post Settlement Week One

The past week since handover has been crazy and amazing all at the same time!

We have had so much happen this week, it's been exciting and just completely surreal. The house has really come together now and it's been a great experience seeing all our furniture and bits come together for the first time. 

Timeline for the past week (I have omitted the thousand trips we've made to bunnings!):

Saturday: French bookcase, Bed (old), Dining Table and chairs delivered. Appliances from the awesome Ray from Bing Lee Fairfield arrived and were installed. Electrical quotation completed by Bill from Better Electrical. 

Sunday: Cleaning cleaning and more cleaning - does the white powder ever come off these tiles?!

Monday: Couches, rug, office desk, appliances from Wisdom delivered; air conditioning unit installed

Tuesday: Entertainment unit delivered; wisdom appliances installed; whirly bird installed and cracked/broken roof tiles replaced

Wednesday: Ottoman coffee table delivered; Driveway gerni and sealed

Thursday: Electrical fittings started; door weather seals delivered

Friday: Antenna installed by Mr Antenna, Electrical fittings completed; Kitchen splashback window replaced; Weather seals installed; Telstra phone line commissioned

I feel pretty lucky with the appliances from Wisdom - I noticed that we've gotten the newer versions of the appliances! That includes a grill/convection microwave and an updated model of the oven - I'm very happy. All the Wisdom subcontractors that have come out to do odd bits and pieces have been great and were happy to do extra bits around the place when we asked. 

For example - I was horrified to find that the waterfall spout was replaced with a tube looking spout in the main bathroom bath! We went searching for a better one, picked it up and had it replaced when they came to do the appliances. 

I could not be happier with the job that Better Electrical did for us. They really took the time to go through what we wanted, and was always able to give good advice. Additional to installing all our downlights and pendants, we ended up getting an outdoor powerpoint installed in the backyard, plus our one bayonet alfresco turned into four downlights and a remote controlled fan which look amazing. They also mounted our TV for us which looks fantastic. I've taken daytime and nighttime pics for you to see. But amazing amazing job!

Other than our grandeliers, all our lights were from Beacon. LED downlights, LED bulbs and compact fluorescent oyster lights. The downlights are amazing and so much more powerful than I expected, they also have a five year warranty to boot!

There's a lot of stuff we're finding like more scratched windows, really badly painted spots. We even found openings at the back of our kitchen cupboards - I could see light coming through. Had them fixed up now though when wisdom came to do our weather seals. 

Our new bed frame, mattress and shutters from Betterview have been delayed but I hope to have these by the end of the month. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics. We are loving the house. It's been a long road to get here but I'm feeling on another planet being in here! Not looking forward to go back to work on Monday!!


Old tap and the new one. Apparently the waterfall spout was too short because of the gap between the wall and bath. Don't know why they made the gap so big in the first place. 

Photos at night time with the new lighting...


  1. reading and re reading your post and blog from work so many times!!! not commenting because don't have my user there hahah.
    Thank you for keep the posting. i love this post, house and furniture looks great! better than in the pictures the your posted previously. Also, so many good tips, i'm taking notes specially the electrical part.
    do you have internet? always read that is slow, not sure, but the good thing is you have antenna, at least tv :)
    ahhhh dreaming!!!

    1. Hey VP thanks for stopping by! I see your build is going up so quickly how exciting for you :) We got Internet this morning, we ordered it last Tuesday and they said it would take 4 days to connect...we are with Telstra because we couldn't get ADSL2. You are in a new area and will probably be able to get NBN hopefully.