Friday, 28 November 2014

90 Day Maintenance Period

Hi fellow bloggers!

It's been great seeing how everyones houses have progressed since we finished. I hope you haven't had a hard time of it like us.

I know I've been *really* slack at posting, but I haven't had too much to report...or anything of interest seeing as the build is over!

We did have our maintenance inspection this Tuesday. We put in a list of issues we had, and had them inspected and accepted by Wisdom. The guy that came around was fair. We haven't had any huge issues - our main problems have been the absolutely dodgy paint job! And they will only accept it under natural light. The other minor issues we had were

  • laundry door not closing anymore - hit's the frame
  • alfresco screen door doesn't open properly - will need to have the track replaced
  • pantry door needs to be repaired or replaced - was scratched by the guy replacing our splash back in the kitchen when we first moved in!
  • creaking floor in front of the ensuite doorway
  • some windows sticking and not opening properly
  • settlement cracking along skirting, cornices and flooring
  • ensuite glass shower door not closing properly anymore - hits the glass panel
  • gyprock crack in kitchen underneath glass of rangehood
  • brick discolouration 
That's about it for us. We've been fortunate not to have anything too sever such as leaks.

The guy from Wisdom said it will probably be late Jan - early Feb that we'll get the work done.

Anyway, enjoy some pictures I've collated along the way. We finally have our bed and moved into the main bedroom a few weeks ago - and loving it. Had no idea a King bed was so huge though!!!

If you have any questions about anything, I'm always around to answer them, just no necessarily posting!


New leather Eames replica office chair

Natural gas BBQ

Footy grand final

The new bed

Mr Milburn putting up the Christmas Tree


  1. Looks so good! We have cracks to be repaired too. And we've got a problem with the driveway - someone walked across it in work boots before it was dry, and left footprints. Casaview tried to patch it, but the driveway has faded, and the patches have not. Looks terrible! SS mentioned at handover that if it was terrible they'd do something about it, now we're waiting to find out what!
    Landscaping is being done this week, still no fences!!

  2. Hi there!
    Nice to keep reading your posts :)
    I see some green area close to the alfresco, not sure whether is your lawn or the old vegetation, either way the color look good in the pictures.
    Good to know nothing serious in the house and sincerely hope that there is not problem in the coming 30 years at least!! hahah.
    All the best :)