Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bricking Complete, Roof Tiling Begins

Last Friday we received an email from Wisdom Accounts with the invoice for Stage 4 - Bricking completed. We had a look yesterday when we got back, it doesn't look complete but we really don't know, and the FC Sheeting on part of the back of the house hasn't been installed, but I've been told that's not part of Stage 4.

Anyway, we were surprised that they hadn't started on the gutters and fascias until today - must have been some wet weather in Sydney whilst we were away!

I've got pictures from yesterday of the completed brickwork, roof tile delivery and the start of the guttering below.

They also fixed those weep holes above the garage. 

Everything seemed to be going up so fast, but now it's almost like its all slowing down again!


Gutters, fascia and roof tiles delivered

Completed brickwork of rear and fireplace

Main bedroom with feature wall in front of wardrobe

Second bedroom - No more missing windows yay

Second bedroom - completed bricking

Third bedroom - completed bricking (fourth bedroom as FC sheeting not yet completed)

Looking down into the leisure

And then the top floor gutter and fascia installation that began today on the first floor..

It's hard to distinguish between the scaffolding and gutter/fascia but if you squint...


  1. wow, It seems do fast! at least the building part! When is supposed to be finished?

    1. Well it's been 3mths in the build process now - so I'd say we're halfway there, I even feel like we're a little behind! You never updated how your flooring appointment went btw, did you stick with your first choices?

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